Articles On Small Business

The author of this website also wrote a site on the best dentists in Denver for sedation dentistry.  No jargon or dry, boring information in these articles. Just straightforward talk on self-employment and how to succeed in the coolest “job” you’ll ever have – working for yourself!

Make Your Business Official – First 10 Things To Do
This article describes the first ten things small business owners can do to make their businesses official.

Big Dreams, Little Steps
This article describes the simple steps would-be entrepreneurs can take to get moving on their small business ideas. Most tasks require little or no money and can be performed in a few hours or less.

Finding The Money For Your Dream Business
This article shows how to find the money to start your dream business, touching upon bank loans, microlenders, partnerships, lines of credit, and venture capitalists. Both traditional and non-traditional methods are explored.

9 Basic Components Of A Great Business Plan
This article features the nine basic components of a great business plan.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Self-Employed?
This article looks at the personality traits required to succeed at self-employment and includes a simple, 25-question self-assessment test, as well as suggestions for how to compensate for potential shortcomings.

Test Your Small Business IQ
This article features a 15-question Small Business IQ Quiz, designed to test would-be entrepreneurs on how much they know about running a small business. The quiz comes complete with answers and helpful tips.