Search Engine Marketing Program For Small Businesses – $335

Grow your business the easy way…by building a great website that search engines can easily find.

The fact that “google” has become a verb which no longer needs explaining highlights the importance of having a website in general, and search engine optimization in particular.

Google and other online searches are rapidly replacing traditional forms of marketing, such as advertising, conventions, telemarketing, networking, and word of mouth. In today’s world, people are making connections through keyboards and modems, not by talking to friends or attending events. If you can embrace this new reality and take advantage of it, you’ll have a steady stream of visitors to your website and a business that’s always

For better or worse, search engines have become the gatekeepers of this new millennium, deciding who deserves to get new customers or clients and who doesn’t, who is and isn’t worthy of a referral.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best in the business – the most experienced, the most speedy, the most inexpensive, the most service-oriented, the most exquisite – a computer algorithm will decide whether or not to introduce you to other people. To thrive in this age of the Internet, you need to “think” like a computer, which, in fact, is fairly simple. Computers aren’t creative or capricious, nor are they wayward or wishy-washy. Search engines have specific guidelines, and they look for consistent, repetitive patterns. There’s nothing mysterious about the process, but it is ever-changing.

If you’ve never focused on search engine optimization for your small business,
now’s the time.

For just $335, we can show you how to “introduce” your website to search engines. Here’s how our Search Engine Marketing Program For Small Businesses works:

Step 1: One of our search engine marketing specialists will take a comprehensive look at your website – from a visitor’s point of view and a search

 Step 2: You’ll receive a written report on how your business’s website
is currently performing in terms of search engine optimization.

Step 3: You’ll have a one-on-one phone consultation, scheduled at your
convenience, with a search engine marketing specialist. From this session, you’ll take away at least 20 search engine tips you can implement immediately to drive more traffic to your website. You’ll get the targeted information you need, without useless examples or confusing jargon, and there will be plenty of time to ask specific questions you might have.

Step 4: Following the phone consultation, you’ll receive a Search Engine
Marketing Roadmap, a customized list of suggestions for how to increase the number of visitors to your business’s website. The Search Engine Marketing Roadmap, designed just for you, will include tips on how to retool your content, keywords, and incoming links to please search engines.

Implement these pointers, and soon the referrals will come rolling in! For more information on our Search Engine Marketing Programs For Small Businesses, or to begin the process, please e-mail or call (303) 587-9647.